Guangdong•Fogang Xile Valley Hot Spring Water World Mosaic Swimming Pool


Appreciation of the Mosaic Project of Xile Valley "Octopus" Electric Music Carnival Pool

All expectations will well worth it!

Xile Valley Water World•"Octopus" electric music carnival pool is here



Project Name: Octopus•Electronic Music Carnival Pool

Application area: Outdoors•Mosaic pool

Project address: Qingyuan•Fogang•Tangtang•Xile Valley Hot Spring Resort

Xile Valley Water World is located in Tangtang, Qingyuan, Guangdong, the home of hot springs. It integrates hotels, hot springs, Water World, nature exploration, parent-child paradise, cultural village, wedding and conference, leisure and vacation. It is an all-year-round resort for citizens in the Pearl River Delta and other places.

The design concept of Xile Valley Water World: design with celebrity, creativity, operation and execution. Xile Valley Water World has a professional cultural and tourism design team, and every touch is carefully designed and planned.


The design of the "octopus mosaic pool" can be described as unique. After clever matching, the marine natural ecology is moved to the artificial pool, making you feel like you are in the sea, and the natural elements of the ocean are fully expressed. The combination of Macaron pink and dreamy blue makes the entire pool look dynamic and unique. At the same time, the color and delicateness of the mosaic is irreplacible, and its abrasion resistance and slip resistance also make people feel more comfortable.




The "octopus" pool is mainly made of sand, gold thread and magic color series products. The  macaron pink and dreamy blue make a perfect color combination, breaking the single-color assembly of the previous pool.







On the other side of Xile Valley, it has the longest and highest infinity pool in Asia. It uses Van Gogh's "Starry Sky" as the design element at the bottom of the pool, so that the color of the wave-like rapids fills the entire pool, and the fantastic crystal starry scene will instantly attract your attention.


Van Gogh's "Starry Sky" is full of dazzling fantasy scenes, the turbulent sky contrasts with the calm village. The horizontal mountains and the confusing sky are full of dynamic, continuous flow of nebula and trees, like a burning-hot fireball, inspiring to make progress. A small village lies quietly on the edge of a hill under the stars. In the middle of the village is a church with a tall spire, which gives the small village a sense of stability. Looking up at the sky triggers our childhood illusions about the night sky and stars.



The high-floating infinity swimming pool uses the brilliant and colorful products of sand, gold thread, clouds, illusion and other products to create a different starry sky, making the swimming pool as colorful as the starry sky reflected in the water, which makes people want to...


The pool water is clear and the scenery at the bottom of the pool is looming. Walking between the river bank and the forest, with the breeze blowing and the clouds lingering, can make people forget the hustle and bustle of the city, and also let them have a beautiful mood.